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Some Latest Phones that we can unlock:

Optus     : 4G Optus X Sleek, Alcatel Pop 5", Samsung J1 mini, ZTE Zip, Alcatel Pixie, etc

Vodafone: samsung j1 mini, HTC Desire, etc

Telstra    : Any samsung prepaid, ZTE, Huawei and alcatel, etc


What Are Unlocked Phones

To understand what it means to have an unlocked phone, one must first understand what it means to have locked phone. This section talks about the major differences between the two in order to help the reader to fully understand why an unlocked phone is more superior.

Locked Phones

A locked phone is one that is purchased from a particular cellular carrier and has been programmed to work only with the carrier's SIM cards. A locked phone usually comes with a subscriber contract that ties the user down to this network provider for one or two years. The reason why most major carriers "lock" the phone is because they subsidize its cost to entice customers to buy them. To earn back the lost revenue, they lock the subscriber in a contract.

Unlocked Phones 

In contrast, an unlocked phone is a phone that is not tied to a particular network provider. It can be used with any cellular carrier that utilizes GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). GSM is a standard used by many providers across the globe. An unlocked phone can recognize a SIM card from any GSM network and use that network to make calls, send messages, and other forms of data. Also, it does not come with subscriber contracts, which makes it a more flexible and practical option for many people.

Why you need to Unlock your Phone?

Many people turn to unlocked phones because of their many advantages. For those who are still on the fence, this section will briefly discuss the seven advantages of purchasing an unlocked phone in greater detail.

1. Increased Network Compatibility

Because unlocked phones are not programmed to work with just one particular network, users can switch GSM networks when necessary. This is a big boon for people who frequently travel for work or leisure since it allows them to switch to other available network providers once they are out of their current provider's coverage zone.

2. Money Saver

Unlocked phones may appear to be more expensive at first, because one has to pay for the full retail price of the phone from the very start. Still, unlocked phones are more budget-friendly in the long run. For one, they do not come with long-term subscriber contracts, which lock one to a particular carrier. Users can opt to change network providers at any time without having to wait for the contract to expire or paying early termination fees. If on a budget, one can also use the phone with inexpensive, prepaid SIM cards, which provide cheaper call and messaging rates. 

3. No Roaming Charges

Unlocked phones eliminate expensive roaming charges. When a person travels abroad and places a call, the phone carrier usually charges an add-on fee depending on the destination. This roaming fee is billed on top of the monthly subscriber fee, and can add up to a significant amount. Unlocked phones allow the user to simply buy a SIM card from the local carrier. This way, one can have a local phone number and pay local rates for calls and messages without the roaming charges.

4. More Network Options

An unlocked phone also allows a user to easily switch to a different network provider with better rates or service, especially if they are unhappy with their current cellular carrier. Since they are not tied down to a particular provider, unlocked phones give users more freedom to choose the network provider that suits their needs and budget.

5. Wider Range of Phone Models

Instead of being limited to a handful of units provided by their carrier, a person having an unlocked phone can choose from a wider range of providers. If one's preferred phone is not available with his or her current carrier, he or she can simply subscribe to a plan and buy an unlocked version of the preferred phone. Gadget lovers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest phones can also switch to a new unit easily without having to change their cell phone number or sign up for a new subscription plan.

6. Increased Resale Value

Someone who plans to sell the old cell phone will have an easier time selling it if it is unlocked. Unlocked phones can be sold for up to 30% more than a locked unit. It also attracts more buyers since they can easily use it with their existing network.

7. Easier to Service or Replace

When the cell phone needs to be serviced or replaced, having an unlocked cell phone is convenient. Just simply take out the SIM card and transfer it to another unlocked cell phone, and it will work just as well. If there is no spare cell phone at home, one can easily purchase a used unlocked cell phone inexpensively while waiting for the repairs to be finished. If the cell phone is beyond redemption, one can easily transition to another cell phone seamlessly by just inserting the SIM card.

Who Needs Unlocked Phones

* People wants to get freedom on their phones without been held by any provider.

* Wholesaler that want increase their profit when selling Unlocked Phones.