Refurbish LCD Service

Why You Refurbished your LCD with JS Technofone

(we also buy your broken glass, call for prices)

* Save your cost, it means more PROFIT for you

* Quality Assurance that come with 12 months waranty

* WE DO IT Locally in Sydney, not overseas, so you can control it

* Save your time and hassle from sending them to China

* You got Australia Warranty and saving time on sending to China which take you WEEKS!!! not mentioning shipping cost...ouch


JS Technofone now provides a display refurbishment service where we take your damaged displays and fix them up for you at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand new or even refurbished display!

Don't risk sending your displays off overseas, we refurbish your displays locally so we can control it at every stage!


Currently we only refurbish OEM, for copy screen please call us 0415 276 345 for discussion.

These is our PRICES:

                                         Frame             No Frame

iPhone 4/4S                      $20                      na

iPhone 5/5s/5c/5se           $ 25                     na

iPhone 6                             $ 40                     na

iPhone 6 +                          $ 55                     na

iPhone 6s                            $70

iPhone 6s +                         $90

iPhone 7                              $100

iPhone 7+                            $120

Samsung s3                        $ 35                    $ 35

Samsung s4                        $ 35                    $ 45

Samsung s6                         TBA

Samsung s6 +                      TBA

Samsung s7                         TBA        


How the service works:

1. Complete the online display refurbishment service form at the bottom of this page

2. Send your displays back to JS Technofone with your Refurbishment Service (RS) number clearly on the box to:


JS Technofone

unit 4/3-5 Adderton Road

Telopea - 2117
Please remember to package the displays carefully so no further damage occurs during shipping.

3. Please allow 5-7 business days for us to complete your Samsung display refurbishment. 

4. Organize payment for service Otherwise we accept direct deposit or credit card!

5. Once payment has been confirmed, we will ship the displays straight back to you!



Q: How long does the service take until I get my displays back?

A: We aim to do them in 5-7 business days, we will update you with the progress. 


Q: what is your quality?

A: We only use A++ quality parts to refurbished your LCD


Q: Do I need to test the displays first?

A: Please tests all your LCD if you can to maximise result and saving our time.


Q: What if some are not working when you get them?

A: Any displays found not to be working on arrival to JS Technofone will be returned to you with the refurbished displays.


Q: Do I have to have the same colour screen as the one I send you?

A: You can have any color you want.


Q: Do the refurbished displays come with a warranty?

A: Yes, we back our work and offer all refurbished displays through our program 12 months warranty*


Q: Do you pay for shipping?

A: For refurbishment service, we ask that you organize the shipping to us, if your refurbishment service order is over $250 we pay for shipping back to you!


Q: Are the displays listed above the only displays you refurbish?

A: If you have an on-going requirement for other refurbishment service for models not listed, please contact us!


* warranty only cover on assembly parts, e.g frame pop up, glue on glass, broken frame, etc